There are already no cheeks-apples: the stars who got rid of their chubby cheeks

 There are already no cheeks-apples: the stars who got rid of their chubby cheeks

Here are the celebrities who no longer have chubby cheeks.

If we compare today’s photographs of stars with archival photographs, it turns out that many of them used to have completely different not only figures, but also faces.

The singer lost weight a long time ago, but this is still one of the most favorite topics of her fans. From a plump brown-haired woman, she turned into a blonde beauty.

B. Hadid

Apparently, the model was not happy with her face, so she decided on a series of plastic surgeries. The star herself claims that she has never turned to plastic surgeons, and her weight loss is the result of working in the gym.

K. Kardashian

Another beauty that is difficult to recognize in archival photos. Kim herself does not hide the fact that she turned to plastic surgeons for help. It is worth admitting that she came across a good specialist, since in her case, the changes benefited her.

K. Jenner

Kylie, like her sister, also changed her face shape with the help of plastic surgery. The result is visible to the naked eye, but as long as Kylie feels the measure, she will look good.

A. Lima

This supermodel also wanted to highlight her cheekbones. For twenty years, she has changed markedly, but most of all it is noticeable in her face shape.

N. Portman

And this actress managed to get rid of chubby cheeks on her own. Natalie began to carefully monitor her diet and exercise, because of which her life changed a lot.

M. Fox

It’s no secret that the actress has repeatedly done plastic surgery. She almost immediately highlighted her cheekbones, and her fans really liked this result. Many girls still bring a photo of Fox to their plastic surgeons to give them the same cheekbones.

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