There are many things in the life of famous people that people do not know: some facts about Mel Gibson

 There are many things in the life of famous people that people do not know: some facts about Mel Gibson

The prominent actor, director and producer Mel Gibson is 66 years old.

During his influential career, he managed to achieve huge recognition.

Here are some facts about the famous star that many may not know.

1. He became an actor thanks to his sister

At first, Mel did not even imagine that he would become an actor. He tried to enter the faculty of journalism. But when his sister noticed his talent, she decided to act secretly.

2. The first known role after a fight in a bar

The action movie Mad Max needed a wild character that was perfect for Gibson. Moreover, on the eve of the casting, he was drinking and fighting, and his appearance was exactly what the director wanted. As a result, “Mad Max” became the most brilliant Australian film, and Mel Gibson became famous all over the world.

3. “Oscar for a brave heart”

In 1990, the star tried himself in other areas. He founded his own film company and demonstrated his directing skills. His most fantastic film was Braveheart, which brought him an Oscar for Best Director, as well as 4 more nominations.

4. Absolute outcast of Hollywood

Mel Gibson built an incredible acting career in Hollywood in a very short time and failed just as quickly. His fame was lost due to drunkenness and getting into many embarrassing situations. He was rejected by many directors and companies. The family situation also ruined his professional name.

5. Father of 9 children and unfaithful partner

The celebrity had seven children from his first marriage. For a long time, he was considered an ideal destiny and companion for his wife. But suddenly there was news that the couple broke up. A few days later, the actor appeared in public with his new chosen one, Russian pianist Oksana Grigoryeva. The new couple had a daughter, but soon they broke up.

6. Recovery of glory

His fate is proved by the fact that after every fall there can be a rise again. Mel Gibson again made the whole world talk about himself.

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