They fell in love with other people’s children as if they were their own: the most caring star stepfathers

 They fell in love with other people’s children as if they were their own: the most caring star stepfathers

Kind and loving stepfathers warmed children’s hearts.

For some reason, in fairy tales it is generally accepted that stepmothers and stepfathers are rather negative characters.  It seems that a stereotype is cultivated in children that a stranger cannot fall in love the same way as a native.  However, these star stepfathers dispelled this myth.  After all, their stepchildren and stepdaughters were abandoned by their own fathers, with whom the children were connected by blood ties.  But kind and loving stepfathers warmed children’s hearts.  They managed to become good friends, good mentors and real fathers.  Perhaps they deserve respect and serve as an excellent example.  It is worth noting that the gift to win the trust and love of a child is worth a lot.

Singer Seal married Heidi Klum when she was pregnant.  And the child was from another man.  However, the singer was able to accept the baby and adopted.  The girl does not know her own father, she considers Seal to be a real dad.

Kurt Russell adopted children from his wife Goldie Hawn’s previous marriage.  Russell became a good friend and adviser to Kate and her brother Oliver, they call the actor their father.

Iosif Prigozhin himself is a father of many children, however, he was able to accept and love the children of his wife Valeria.  In turn, the sons and daughter of the singer call the producer a father, not a stepfather.

Igor Krutoy knew that his chosen one had a daughter and was ready to accept her.  The girl did not want a new dad.  However, from the first meeting, the composer managed to win over the girl.  She fell in love and accepted him, besides, Victoria bears the name of her stepfather.

Alexander Abdulov raised Ksenia Alferova as his own daughter.  The actress found out who her real father was only in her teens.  However, for her there was always only one dad – Alexander Abdulov.  Even after the divorce of the spouses, the relationship between father and daughter did not weaken.

The story of Lionel Richie is a little different, because he adopted the girl when her mother, the artist’s assistant, was in a difficult situation.  The couple became parents to little Nicole Richie.  Now she considers them her family.

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