This baby was born without a nose: this is what a girl who had aplasia looks like

 This baby was born without a nose: this is what a girl who had aplasia looks like

Here is a completely unique baby girl born without a nose eight years later.

Like all her peers, Tessa loves to play different games, walk in the park, ride a bike and communicate with other children. And Tessa is absolutely unique and original, given the fact that the girl was born without a nose, which happens once in a lifetime.

Soon, the child was diagnosed with aplasia, which results in the absence of any body parts or organs, and this unique disease has occurred only 100 times worldwide.

Despite the fact that she is devoid of smell, Tessa normally coughs, sneezes and even sometimes catches a cold, like a normal child.

Despite all the hardships and difficulties, as well as the fact that she has gone through a lot and is still going through, Tessa is quite optimistic and open-hearted. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with her.

Needless to say, at first the absence of a nose literally shocked her parents, and they could not believe their eyes. But soon the couple got used to it, and for them their baby is the most beautiful on Earth.

In fact, her parents found out that there was definitely something wrong with the baby’s face before she was even born. Doctors were quick to warn the couple about her uniqueness, giving them the opportunity to terminate the pregnancy. Meanwhile, the devoted parents resolutely refused. Tessa is no worse than others and lives a full life.

In addition to aplasia, the poor girl suffered from cataracts in her left eye, but the problem was corrected and cured with an operation she underwent at the age of 11 months.

Thanks to the efforts of doctors, Tessa is now able to breathe while eating and sleeping with the help of a tracheostomy.

Moreover, when she gets older, doctors plan to make her an artificial nose, a prosthesis.

Her family, devoted parents and siblings never stop supporting Tessa, and it is thanks to their help and dedication that Tessa never loses hope.

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