This sick boy loves parades and this is what the city did for his 21st birthday

 This sick boy loves parades and this is what the city did for his 21st birthday

More than anything, this sick boy loves parades very much.

This boy’s name is Matthew. He suffers from a serious chromosomal disorder that causes severe headaches and is the cause of cerebral palsy and autism.

He loves parades more than anything, and his mother, Kim Davis-Robinette, decided to organize something special for her son’s 21st birthday. She posted the following on her Facebook page:

“SPECIAL REQUEST THIS SATURDAY” “Matthew turns 21 this week and I want to do something special for him this year. One of Matthew’s favorite things is parades. That’s why I want to give him a parade for his birthday”. “I ask all my friends to drive up to my house and honk the horn to congratulate Matthew on his 21st birthday. He loves all kinds of vehicles: motorcycles, cars, fire trucks and police cars – he loves them all”.

And what do you think, over 1,500 people shared Kim’s post, and Matthew received a gift for his birthday that he could not even dream of. Hundreds of people from all over the city came to the party.

“These were ordinary people who decided to show love. When people see a smile on Matthew’s face, that love comes back to them”, said Kim Davis-Robinette

“It’s something incredibly special, something you don’t expect”, she added.

The parade was attended by firefighters, policemen, bikers – everyone who could. They drove down the street past Matthew’s house.

As you can imagine, the young man was simply delighted.

“I got goosebumps and cried a few times,” Kim said.

Children holding posters with congratulations, bagpipe musicians, a school bus and just a huge number of caring people …

The parade lasted 1.5 hours, after which Kim thanked everyone with a Facebook post: “I am grateful to each and everyone for making this day the best day of Matthew’s life!!! Continue to share love and compassion as you did with Matthew today”.

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