Touching story: a cute dog has been looking at cars for 2 years, and hopes that the owner will return

 Touching story: a cute dog has been looking at cars for 2 years, and hopes that the owner will return

No animal deserves to be left behind, but that’s what happened to this poor pup.

Her owner died, and she remained in a dilapidated house behind a locked door. It was two years ago. A faithful dog in desperate need of care, day after day, waiting for his master’s return.

Eventually, animal rescuers were called when they heard about the dog, a woman around the corner named Boksil. She noticed a small dog and took pity on her. She feeds her once a day. When help arrived, it started to rain. They felt sorry for the poor puppy. She was locked behind a door and they couldn’t get to her.

When it started to rain, a woman came from the street. Rescuers thought that Boksil might be her dog, but no, she explained what happened. The dog is also very nervous, which makes it almost impossible to catch it. The woman told rescuers that she could only be helped from afar. Boksil won’t let him get close.

The rescuers wanted to find a way to capture Boksil. She desperately needed a second chance and a new home. They set up a remote camera and watch Boksil leave the house. She goes out and heads for food and water. Fortunately, she can eat.

After a few bites and water, they watch Boksil crawl under the door. Now they can get to her if she lets them. Boksil walks to the road, carrying his heavy matted fur, and sits there. This is truly a heartbreaking sight. She watches every passing car, hoping that one of them will stop and its owner will return home.

Knowing that this was impossible, the rescuers devised a plan to save her the next day. They arrive, but as soon as Boksil hears them, she flees to a nearby mountain. This dog had been abandoned too many times and was not going to be another one! Rescuers follow her, determined to catch her and change her life. To see what’s next, please watch the video below. It’s too good to miss!

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