Unexpected union: it’s been almost 17 years since Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up, will they be together

 Unexpected union: it’s been almost 17 years since Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up, will they be together

Many were delighted by the reunion of Pitt and Aniston after 17 years.

Not so long ago, many were delighted when J. Lo and Ben Affleck reunited after 17 years of separation, and now there is a chance to see the same with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. In the spring, the news spread that the ex-spouses could soon get back together.

According to the data, they settled in the stylish penthouse of the Four Seasons George V hotel. What is really happening now in the relationship of the stars, and whether there is a possibility of their joint future, we understand in more detail in the article.

They met in 1994, but at that time they were in relationships with other people, so they did not pay much attention to each other. But four years later, when they broke off their previous relationship, a spark flashed between the stars.

And just a few months later, the couple shared the happy news of their engagement with their fans. By the way, they announced this at the concert of the famous British singer Sting, showing the public Jen’s engagement ring on the sleeve with a large diamond. The couple literally beamed with happiness.

In the summer of 2000, a Hollywood couple celebrated a luxurious wedding in the fabulous city of Malibu.

For several years, this beautiful couple has decorated various ceremonies together.

And everything seemed to be fine, in 2004 Jen even said that, in principle, she was already thinking about children. But soon their ideal family life was cut short. In early 2005, the couple officially divorced. According to them, it was carefully thought out, so they easily broke up.

The reason for the discord in the family and soon the divorce became obvious: another woman. In 2005, the action comedy “Mr. & Ms. Smith” was released.

But in early 2006, Jolie and Pitt stopped hiding their relationship, especially since they were already expecting a baby. It is worth noting that many consider the main reason for the separation of Brad and Jen that, according to the news, the actor wanted to have a large number of children, and his wife did not want to become a mother.

Since then, fans of Hollywood stars have been divided into two camps. Some happily watched the love story of Pitt and Jolie, while others hoped that sooner or later the actor would return to Aniston.

In 2012, after eight years of relationship, the couple announced their engagement. The ceremony took place in the summer of 2014 in one of the French castles.

The appearance of an ideal family was far from this image; scandals and disagreements often arose between spouses. This was mainly due to Jolie’s jealousy of her husband’s partners in the film. And in 2016, the public was again shocked by the news of Pete’s second divorce. Angelina initiated the divorce, stating that she and her husband had irreconcilable differences.

By the way, Jennifer Aniston did not lag behind her ex-husband and was also married once. Jen’s new chosen one was actor Justin Peru, whom she met on the set. The spark between the actors ran from the very first moments. The wedding took place already in 2015.

First, an interview appeared in the press with George Clooney, who is a good friend of Brad Pitt, where he said that now the ex-spouses are ready to give each other a chance and try to start over.

In early 2020, the ex-spouses were spotted at the same ceremonies, and at one they held hands, whispered and hugged.

However, this spring, information appeared that the ex-spouses lived together for some time in a luxury hotel in Paris, where Aniston was filming. By the way, last fall, Jen said in an interview that she was ready to let the relationship come back into her life.

So far, neither Jen nor Brad has made any comments or confirmation about a possible reunion. Western journalists believe that Aniston and Pitt just have a good, respectful, warm relationship, but so far it looks more like friendship.

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