Keanu Reeves, beloved and recognizable by everyone: here are the women in his life and film roles

 Keanu Reeves, beloved and recognizable by everyone: here are the women in his life and film roles

Keanu first touched the acting profession at the age of nine.

Instead of a career as a professional hockey player, Keanu chose acting and did not fail.

Keanu first touched the profession of an actor at the age of nine. The boy made his debut on the stage. Six years later, already a teenager, the boy successfully played in the theater production of “Romeo and Juliet”. However, as a child, the boy dreamed of becoming a hockey player. But in street basketball or hockey, he liked to hang out with his friends. And he loved to play chess with the elders, easily defeating his more experienced opponents.

After changing several local schools, Keanu moves to New York with the help of his stepfather. Here he began to study art. Like many other actors, Keanu Reeves will make his debut in the series.

Fame came to the actor in the early 90s. Another movie hit of the first half of the 90s is the superhero film “Speed”, where the hero Reeves fights terrorists and rescues hostages in a bombed-out bus. Sandra Bullock kept her in great company.

But for Keanu Reeves, Neo’s role in the sci-fi trilogy “The Matrix” has become a real calling card for all time. It is for this role that the actor forever entered the history of world cinema and deserves a monument during his lifetime.

The personal life of the famous actor has developed dramatically. Officially, Keanu Reeves has never been married. At the dawn of his career, Keanu met actress Jill Scholen on the set. Their romance lasted three years and it came to the wedding, but at the last moment the girl chose another.

During the filming of Dracula, Keanu, who had already become a star, began a relationship with the daughter of director Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia. However, their romance did not last long. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock became friends. But they were afraid to cross the fine line between ordinary friendship and love. Since then, they have remained good friends.

Reeves’ greatest love was actress Jennifer Syme, who actually became his common-law wife. The couple was even supposed to have a child. But here the actor was not lucky. Jennifer had a miscarriage, and a year and a half later she died in a car accident. Since then, Keanu Reeves has not had a close relationship with anyone for a long time. However, in the fall of 2019, the ubiquitous media reported that the actor began dating the artist and sculptor Alexandra Grant, who is nine years younger than him. Perhaps Keanu will be lucky this time. After all, the “young” beauty deserved it.

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