Like a copy of the father: this is what the children of Michael Jackson look like now

 Like a copy of the father: this is what the children of Michael Jackson look like now

Here is how the children of the famous singer Michael Jackson have changed.

Sometimes it seems that the life of Michael Jackson’s children is no longer in the spotlight of the paparazzi, as it was in fact a few years ago, when the musician was still alive. His loyal fans remember well how hard the musician tried to hide his beloved children and keep them anonymous.

For the first time, Jackson showed his 9-month-old son from the window of a Belgian hotel. Jackson is known to have named his third son “Blanket” to keep him a secret. There were also rumors that Jackson dreamed of taking possession of the magic blanket in order to protect the children from his popularity and all this chaos.

When Jackson appeared in public with his children, he forced them to wear masks so as not to spoil their innocent childhood years.

But, unfortunately, after the tragic death of the legendary artist, his children tasted the bitter reality.

Now the children have grown up and are mature enough to develop spiritually and choose the right path in life.

They were quite strong and determined, and they were also taken care of by their grandmother.

The eldest son named Prince Jackson is currently studying administration at one of the local universities. He is already 21 years old. While his sister chose the wrong path.

The girl was addicted to illegal drugs, but the rehabilitation center helped her a lot to cope.

And the youngest son of Michael, according to their family ties, is most similar to his father. He is now 16 years old and lives in Los Angeles.

What do you really think of them?

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