Parents abandoned the girl because she was born without legs: now she is an athlete who the whole world knows

 Parents abandoned the girl because she was born without legs: now she is an athlete who the whole world knows

People are often dissatisfied with their lives, but there are those who achieve great things.

Jennifer Bricker was born without legs. The doctors’ prognosis was so bad that the girl’s parents were afraid of difficulties and abandoned her. But Jen’s will was so strong that she learned not only to walk, but also to fly through the air.

Jennifer’s childhood was the same as any other child’s. Despite the fact that her own parents abandoned her, Jennifer was lucky. Shortly thereafter, she was adopted by an Illinois couple. They were not afraid of the doctors, who said that the girl would not even be able to sit on her own.

Her new father and mother, Sharon and Gerald, perceived her as an ordinary child. They monitored her health and found specialists who could help her. Jen didn’t have legs, but that didn’t matter much to her parents. She grew older and older, and considered herself the most ordinary child.

At first, her parents tried to install a prosthesis for her, but Jennifer could not get used to it and gave up after many attempts. She never lost heart. She soon learned to walk on her hands and on her hips. She loved to play outdoor games with her friends. It’s hard to imagine a girl playing volleyball or basketball without legs, but she wasn’t ashamed to show off this feature.

Jennifer has always been a very active child. Her idol was Dominica Mochanu, an American gymnast who won the Olympic Games. Jen was fascinated by her performances and started learning some of the elements. Thanks to the support of her parents, she began to train.

At the age of 10, she competed in the Youth Olympic Games as an amateur athlete, and at the age of 11 she won her first national championship, but that was not all. She was interested in aerial gymnastics and her idol was Dominic Mochanu. She did not miss a single performance of the champion and even believed that there was a connection between them.

Later, her parents found out that Jen’s real name is Mochanu, and Dominica is her real sister. After that, the girls kept in touch and communicated with each other. The sisters are still very close. Romanian blood flows in their veins.

Foster parents never spoke badly about the girl’s birth parents, they always spoke wisely about them: “You never know what was going on in their heads, because you have never been in their place. They came from another country. They have a different mentality”.

Her parents were also gymnasts and they fled Romania in 1981. In the United States, Dominica and their children were born to them. After meeting her sister, Jen wanted to meet her biological parents.

She couldn’t see her dad because he died, but she could see her mother Camellia. Jen wasn’t mad at her at all. It was her father who made the decision to abandon his legless daughter. It turned out that he was abusive to his wife and children.

Although the sisters live in different states and lead different lifestyles, they try to see each other often. Jen is actively involved in aerial acrobatics. She also enjoys traveling around the world and delivering inspiring lectures.

Our heroine is the pride and joy of her sister, foster parents and biological mother. It is hard to imagine how she managed to reach such a level. Jen maintains her own YouTube channel, where she posts a variety of positive videos about her achievements and life.

Bricker got married in 2019. Her husband, Dominic Bauer, supports his wife in everything she does. Jen is in high demand in the sports world and often performs. Her airy numbers on canvases are fascinating. She is able to do what other top athletes are not always able to do. She lives a vibrant, active and eventful life.

Jennifer Bricker is a role model for people all over the world. Her life proves that nothing is impossible. Our heroine fulfilled her dreams, she is truly happy, and neither she nor the people around her care about her features.

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