Recently, Brad Pitt starred in an unusual photo shoot, and the actor spoke about the end of his career

 Recently, Brad Pitt starred in an unusual photo shoot, and the actor spoke about the end of his career

Brad Pitt delighted fans with one of the weirdest photo shoots of his career.

The 58-year-old actor became the hero of the August issue of GQ magazine, giving the publication a rather voluminous interview. In it, he talked about loneliness, struggles with alcoholism and smoking, and also mentioned that he feels like his acting career is nearing the end.

Let’s look at the new photos of one of the most successful actors of our time and at the same time go through Pitt’s main quotes in an interview.

He also spoke to the American writer, giving out several statements about his career.

The conversation took place in the house that Pitt bought when he earned his first money in the movies.

“I am one of those beings who speak through art. I always want to create”.

During the pandemic, he started getting up early to play guitar. He also learned how to cast porcelain candlesticks.

Brad Pitt has not been drinking for almost 6 years.

After Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, he sobered up and attended Alcoholics Anonymous for a year and a half.

Brad quit smoking during the pandemic after realizing that simply cutting back on cigarettes wasn’t enough – he had to give them up.

One of Pitt’s famous creative offshoots is the wine he produces from his Provence estate, Château Miraval.

In 2008, he and Jolie bought a thousand-acre property that produces world-class rosé wine. The hobby turned into a multi-million dollar business, and in 2014, Pitt and Jolie got married there.

“I’ve always felt very lonely in my life”.


When Pitt talks about the past, he has a Buddhist level of detachment.

Right now, Pitt seems to be in quiet self-examination mode.

He shared with the writer his dream, which haunted him for almost five years – in it, Pitt was attacked and killed with knives.

Despite the fact that Pitt is already seeing the end of his career, he has several ongoing projects – producing and acting.

Whether this is about his career as an actor or the film industry as a whole is unclear. Probably soon Pitt will switch to producing.

This year, Plan B Entertainment, his production company, is releasing the film “Women’s Gossip”.

Pitt is still a movie star. Here’s what Quentin Tarantino says about him

“He’s really handsome. He’s also very masculine and fashionable, he understands what’s what … But what only the directors who work with Brad and the actors who play with him really know is that he is incredibly talented in the ability to understand the scene”.

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