«Rise from the ashes» Let’s shed light on the unspoken parts of one of today’s most popular singers’ life

 «Rise from the ashes» Let’s shed light on the unspoken parts of one of today’s most popular singers’ life

He lived in a house full of mice and was raised by a single mother! 🫢😥His dream was to buy a house for his mom, so he became a legend and started earning millions! 🤩💰 Do you have any idea about whom are we talking?🤔 Find more jaw-dropping facts about the singer in this article! 👇

Today’s article is about one boy from London, Canada who spent his early years mostly as an ordinary boy in Stratford, Ontario. Among his hobbies as a young boy were playing hockey and soccer. His early years were marked by insecurities and struggles.

He was raised in a low-income household by his Christian mother who has always been his biggest supporter and navigator during hard and challenging times. People first noticed him during a contest where he performed as one of the participants.

While taking great interest in athletics and chess, he had a cherished dream – to become a singer and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. His passion for music has never faded away.

«Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved music».

He participated in a music contest at the age of 12. It was his mother’s dedication to showcasing his talent and proudly sharing videos on YouTube. Eventually, he became known as Justin Bieber all over the world and ended the family’s poverty.

Now, the boy could go to a restaurant without having a glance at the menu and could now fulfill his cherished dream of providing her mother with everything needed and even more. It was in 2009 that he made his debut single My World which earned him worldwide fame and enormous success.

Three years after his debut, he already embarked on a 157-date tour across multiple countries. It was his biopic «Never Say Never» for which he earned 30 million dollars.  According to the 2012’s estimations, his net worth is 80 million dollars. It was the year when his mother moved into a chic mansion.  No one will deny that Bieber is truly a dedicated son.

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