She always looks young: Italian beauty Ornella Muti amazes everyone with her lovely look

 She always looks young: Italian beauty Ornella Muti amazes everyone with her lovely look

Here are the beauty secrets of iconic actress Ornella Muti, who looks 40 at 64.

Italy is actually famous not only for pizza and pasta, but also for iconic and charming divas such as Bellucci, Lauren, Rossellini and many more who boast their natural beauty.

Today’s heroine is the world-famous actress Ornella Muti, who is already 64 years old, but she still remains an icon of style and beauty for millions.

Private and professional life

The real name of the talented actress Francesca Romana Rivelli, she brilliantly starred in more than 100 films.

She was in her prime, enjoying great success and worldwide fame when she starred in The Taming of the Shrew and Madly in Love with the legendary Celenatno.

Muti conquered millions of men’s hearts with her attractiveness, femininity and charisma.

The actress was married three times. She had two daughters and a boy. Muti currently has 3 grandchildren.

Now she is in a relationship with Fabrice Kererve.

Her beauty secrets

Looking at this Italian diva, it is absolutely impossible to believe that she is already 64. Many would not even give her more than 40.

The legendary actress always tries to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating only healthy food and being physically active. She refuses to drink alcohol.

The woman is categorically against plastic surgery and for natural aging. She uses only moisturizers and nourishers, lotions and anti-aging serums.

She prefers light make-up, most often uses only shadows and lipsticks in natural shades.

Ornella advises all of us to surround ourselves with positive and optimistic people and not try to live up to beauty standards.

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