The Incredibly Understandable Doggy Who Endured the Water

 The Incredibly Understandable Doggy Who Endured the Water

This cute doggy seemed to be impossible from the very first moment because unlike other dogs who don’t like water in particular Rudy the doggy likes and endures water because he seems to feel the importance of it for his health. 

When he is having bath the cutie is often treated with his favorite snacks and there is sometimes even a candle lit specially for him. We can feel that the cutie is being spoiled that way but the people who know him assure that Rudy deserves all this.

This cutie pie was found abandoned in New York City.


Rudy was extremely emaciated and he was fully covered in serious wounds which seemed to touch to his bones. He almost lost all his fur.


After the cutie was sheltered  at SNARR, Rudy the doggy was take to a medical foster home where he gets healing baths that are full of herbs and salts.


The cutie will just have to keep regaining his strength…


After getting the proper treatment and care he’s now healthy enough for adoption.


This wonderful, loving little fighter will surely find a caring family who will take proper care of him!


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