These beautiful photos capture Adriano Celentano and his amazing wife in their youth

 These beautiful photos capture Adriano Celentano and his amazing wife in their youth

This is what Celentano and his wife Claudia looked like in their youth.

Adriano Celentano can be considered a real legend of cinema and music. The talented and successful actor and musician is already over 80, but he still manages to remain the same handsome, attractive and energetic artist loved by many.

The legendary actor first ran into his future wife in 1963 while filming Some Strange Man. A woman named Claudia, who was only 19 years old, was already known for her magnificent voice, performing brilliantly in many musicals, achieving success and fame. A talented girl, in the end, got into the movies.

The stunning woman immediately attracted the actor who stole the heart of a man who decided to break off the relationship in which he was then and start dating Claudia. Just a year later, the couple got engaged. In 1964, Adriano made his first film as a director, and Claudia was the main inspiration for him.

The wonderful spouses had three children: Rosita, Giacomo and Rosalind.

In the 70s, Claudia also starred with such legendary and famous actors as Audrey Hepburn, Irene Papas and Omar Sharif.

And in the 90s, she headed the Clan Celentano label and began releasing her husband’s albums. The actress did not give up her career, and also served on the jury of the popular TV show “X-Factor”, having won world fame as a successful producer.

Celentano and her wife rarely appeared in public. The couple have been together for 56 years, experiencing every feeling, meeting problems and obstacles along the way and completely happy together.

We don’t know much about their children.

Giacomo became a successful singer and gave his parents an only grandson. Rosalind managed to become an actress, but almost nothing is known about Rosita.

In 2019, Claudia turned 75 years old and now she is simply unrecognizable compared to her younger years. At the same time, the woman still remains the favorite of her husband.

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