This is interesting: a small artist Akiane Kramarik said that she saw the “real” face of Jesus in a dream

 This is interesting: a small artist Akiane Kramarik said that she saw the “real” face of Jesus in a dream

Seeing the face of Jesus in a dream, the girl discovered her talent at a tender age.

Child prodigy Akiane Kramarik, who painted visions of the “real” Jesus she saw in her dreams, discovered her special talent at a tender age. She was 10! On the show, Akiane told Oprah that she believed her special skills were given to her by God.

Although she was born into a Lithuanian atheist family, Akiane was certain that her visions and vivid dreams were real. One of her most popular works is a breathtaking portrait of Jesus himself called “Prince of Peace”, which she painted at the age of 8.

“I was so young, but I started having these visions and impressions of the world. “I was so surprised by the flawless images that I had in my head that I just had to express them in some kind of physical matter,” she said.

Akiane said that since her visions are like dreams, they quickly lose clarity, so she tries to capture them as soon as she can.

In an interview with CNN when she was 12, she described God as “a bow of light – really pure, really masculine, really strong and big… His eyes are just beautiful”.

Another image of Jesus she drew is titled “Father Forgive Them”, which depicts Jesus with his hands upraised to his Heavenly Father. And, describing the heavens, Akiane said that their brightness and beauty are unimaginable by anyone on earth.

“All the colors were out of this world. There are hundreds of millions of colors that we don’t know yet. The flowers there were crystal clear…” she told CNN. Akiane calls his stunning creations “paintings of Jesus.

Now a 22-year-old gifted artist from Illinois, USA, she has amassed millions through her talents. Akiane hopes to one day build a hospital in Africa and help others with the gift she believes she has been blessed with. What a talented and inspiring young lady!

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