Unique happiness: a beautiful young mother from Mali gave birth to 9 healthy sweet babies

 Unique happiness: a beautiful young mother from Mali gave birth to 9 healthy sweet babies

Once in a lifetime, this heroine mother from Mali gave birth to 9 babies.

Expecting twins is quite rare and unique, but what about having more than two or three children at the same time? Like nine! This is exactly what happened to the heroic girl from Mali, Morocco.

The current mother-heroine from this African country is called Halima. In her 20s, a woman was definitely not going to give birth to many children. But now Halima is considered a happy mother of her four sons and five daughters.

During pregnancy, the woman was constantly under the control of experienced doctors, since at any moment one of her babies or the heroine herself could die. When the weight of each child exceeded half a kilogram, Halima had a caesarean section. Fortunately, all of her children survived the operation.

However, newborns had to be in oxygen chambers for a relatively long time. Their weight and level of development were too low to allow them to return home to Mali. But over time, newborn babies got stronger and stronger.

Soon, young parents were promised to let a large and happy family go home due to the fact that all nine kids are developing according to all the norms and they no longer need to be constantly under control. Multiple pregnancy often occurs due to in vitro fertilization. Whereas in this particular case, everything happened naturally and all nine babies were able to survive. According to all doctors, it was actually the only case in my life.

Some are of the opinion that the African origin of the parents played a huge role. But studies have shown that national characteristics cannot affect this in any way. Therefore, the case of Halima can be called unique and exceptional both for the mother herself and for the history of medicine.

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