Beautiful model: this cutie, considered one of the most beautiful models, is still beautiful now

 Beautiful model: this cutie, considered one of the most beautiful models, is still beautiful now

After 8 years one of the most beautiful models has become even more beautiful.

In fact, it is no secret or news to anyone that Slavic girls have long been considered one of the most beautiful and attractive women on our planet. Many beauty models have just such an appearance.

Let’s now see how one of the most beautiful models has changed after 8 years.

This charming cutie was born in 2004 in the family of a lawyer and entrepreneur. The girl began to gain fame when she was 8 years old. Before that, she regularly attended school, did rhythmic gymnastics and attended dance classes well.

This is Anastasia Bezrukova at the age of 6 years.

At that time, she was already very busy and from time to time was forced to miss classes due to various competitions and rehearsals.

In 2012, Bezrukova actively participated in talent competitions and one director paid great attention to a small miracle. Actually, it was he who suggested that her parents send their unique daughter to modeling agencies. And they decided to follow the advice and guidance of an experienced director. Since then, the stunning girl has made herself known to gain popularity and fame all over the world.

A couple of months later, the charming girl had her first serious shooting for an Italian brand in Yauza.

Moreover, Anastasia was the only Russian girl who collaborated with Vogue Bambini. Her face has been on the covers of Collezioni, Kenguru, Dolores, Mamas and Papas and so on.

Thanks to cooperation with the Armani brand, this charming Russian model has become famous and in demand all over the world.

Later, Nastya began acting in various films, starring in the comedy Milky Way. Then “After you” and the musical project “Insomnia”.

Despite her fame and popularity, she tries to lead a normal life. She tries to focus on her studies, continues to go to gymnastics lessons and perform brilliantly at dance competitions.

According to Nastya’s mother, the modeling business for her daughter is a hobby, and she is still deciding in which area to specialize.

But, most likely, Nastya will continue her biography of photo models, since, according to reliable sources, she receives numerous offers from the best and most famous modeling agencies in the world.

Do you consider her one of the most beautiful models? Share your opinion!

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