Children of Heidi Klum and her third black musician husband, and her new romance

 Children of Heidi Klum and her third black musician husband, and her new romance

What do the children of Heidi Klum and her black husband look like.

Heidi has been married several times. Her first husband was Rick Pipino. They lived together for 5 years.

Heidi Klum and Rick Pipino

And then Flavio Briatore became a part of her life.

Heidi Klum և Flavio Briatore

Unfortunately, Klum’s dreams did not come true. Despite the pregnancy, the woman broke off the relationship.

She met a young musician and composer, Seal. He proposed to Heidi.

The lovers were engaged in 2004. The following spring, they officially registered their relationship.

It should be reminded that Heidi is a popular model-actress from Germany. Over time, Klum became one of the leading “angels” of Victoria’s Secret.

The model’s daughter was already born during the marriage. The girl’s name is Leni.

Johann was born a year later. Heidi later had a daughter, Lou Sulola, from Seal.

Heidi often said that her husband was the best man in the world. She confessed that he loves her very much, he understands everything. In 2012, the woman filed for divorce. The former couple later stated that they still have strong feelings for each other, but decided to get out of the way.

Leni is the eldest of all the children, growing up like a mother. She has a surprisingly slender figure, she is beautiful and bright.

Lun, the youngest, is more like his father. His facial features are usually African.

Henry and Johann are black. In appearance you can see the characteristics of both parents. The boys love to play sports, often spending time together in the fresh air.

After the divorce, the children stayed with the mother. They rarely see their father

A few years after the divorce, Klum fell in love again. In 2017, she met Tom Kaulitz. They both divorced and quickly fell in love. Despite the difference of 16 years, it is not visible. Klum looks young.

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