Helen Mirren and other stars who have learned to accept themselves for who they are

 Helen Mirren and other stars who have learned to accept themselves for who they are

These Hollywood actresses are not chasing eternal youth, but enjoying life.

Modern beauty standards dictate their own rules of the game, insisting that all girls have a thin nose, chiseled cheekbones, plump lips and the list goes on. But some Hollywood celebrities oppose any cardinal changes in appearance, showing by their own example that you can be beautiful without plastic.

Helen Mirren

Today’s birthday girl, 77-year-old Helen Mirren, is a clear example of the fact that you can age beautifully. The actress is still in demand in the cinema, and advertising contracts with beauty brands do not bypass her. She admitted that she still does not consider herself old, although she understands that she is not getting younger. But at the same time, with age, she began to feel more confident and attractive.

Meryl Streep

Meryl is 73 years old, and she is not at all embarrassed by her age and wrinkles on her face. In one of the interviews, the actress said that in her school years she thought a lot about why she was not as beautiful as other girls. But at some point she got tired of wasting time on this, and she accepted herself for who she is. Now Streep laughs at colleagues who use the services of plastic surgeons, and considers this a big stupidity.

Julia Roberts

Our beloved “Pretty Woman” once said that she would not renounce plastic surgery, because anything can happen in life. But until today, she never crossed the threshold of the surgical room. Plus, Julia believes that a person should tell about her mistress, who she really is, and not how many times she has been to a specialist. For her, as an actress, this is a fundamental moment.

Cate Blanchett

They say that somehow Kate’s husband, Andrew Upton, with whom they have been married since 1997, hinted that he would divorce Blanchett if she went under the surgeon’s knife. Jokes aside, but the actress has never resorted to using plastics that promise to improve her appearance. She is even against Botox and other beauty injections, explaining that she does not see the point in them if you can look good by playing sports, eating right and using natural cosmetics.

Kate Winslet

Kate, 46, is outspoken against plastic surgery for beauty and rejuvenation purposes. She even, together with her friends and part-time actresses Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz, created the British League Against Plastic Surgery. Winslet once said that she didn’t want one expressionless expression on her face that would derail her acting career.

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