Neglect and betrayal of her husband: the reverse side of the “perfect” marriage of Stallone and Flavin

 Neglect and betrayal of her husband: the reverse side of the “perfect” marriage of Stallone and Flavin

A successful Hollywood handsome man admits, he was unlucky in love.

Sylvester Stallone has always been in the spotlight of women. A successful Hollywood handsome man conquered women with one glance. However, as he himself admits, he was not lucky in love. After all, in the first place, lovers were worried about his finances. But the actor himself cannot be called a devoted and loving man. The first time Stallone married actress Sasha Zach. She bore the actor two sons. Unfortunately, the eldest son passed away at the age of 36, and the youngest has autism. The marriage broke up when Sasha found out about her husband’s numerous infidelities and made them public.

Marriage with model Brigitte Nielson was more like a sale and purchase agreement. The model received a monthly allowance of $ 100,000, and for each completed marital debt, Stallone paid her $ 10,000. The actor was disappointed in his wife, in women, so after 2 years the couple broke up. And Stallone himself decided not to marry again. He just twisted short novels with beautiful actresses and models.

This was until the actor met the beautiful Jennifer Flavin. Stallone was 22 years older than the girl. However, she was in love with him from her youth and was a devoted fan. Flavin was different, she didn’t need his money: no prenuptial agreements and contracts. She just enjoyed life with her beloved. After a couple of years of marriage, Stallone returned to his usual way of life. He thought only of himself, not caring about Jennifer’s feelings. And Flavin loved him so much that she endured numerous betrayals, sprees and neglect of herself.

And soon one of the actor’s passions, model Janice Dickinson, announced that she was expecting a child from the actor. As a decent man, Stallone decided to leave Jennifer in order to be with the mother of his child. He asked his wife to vacate the house. However, after the birth of Dickinson’s daughter, it turned out that she had nothing to do with Stallone. This was a big blow for the actor. Only then did he realize that he had lost something important. The way Flavin loved him, no woman on the planet will love Stallone. He decided to reunite with his wife.

She forgave him, of course. Soon Jennifer gave birth to a daughter, unfortunately, the girl was diagnosed with heart problems. She had to undergo a long treatment. Stallone took this as a punishment for his behavior. After Flavin gave birth to the actor two more daughters. Together they have been married for over 20 years. They are happy and have found harmony. However, many women still cannot understand Flavin’s behavior. But Flavin did everything so that her daughters grew up in a full-fledged family. And she herself lives life next to her beloved man, everything else seems unimportant to her.

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