So many years have passed: this is how famous actors and actresses of the “Police Academy” look now

 So many years have passed: this is how famous actors and actresses of the “Police Academy” look now

Here’s how the iconic “Police Academy” actors have changed in 37 years.

Many refuse to believe that the cult and popular TV series Police Academy aired its first episode 37 years ago in the States. The humor of the plot and outstanding actors still warm everyone’s heart.

The plot is as follows: It all starts with the announcement of recruitment to the police academy and everyone is in a hurry to get there.

Here’s how iconic movie stars have changed.

Sh. Stone as C. Mattson (now 63)

She was a journalist reporting on a new urban project and we only see this character in episode 4 of the series.

G. Gaines as E. Lassard (1917-2016)

He brilliantly played the naive and kind-hearted head of the police academy and enjoyed universal respect. The legendary actor passed away in 2016 at the age of 98.

S. Guttenberg as C. Mahone (now 62)

Currently, the actor rarely acts in films. Instead, Guttenberg devoted himself to producing.

K. Cattrall as C. K. Thompson (64)

She gained fame and popularity thanks to her legendary role in the series, which is loved by absolutely all viewers.

G. Bailey as Lieutenant T. Harris (now 76)

The impulsive character of the popular series was played by Bailey. Recently, the actor abandoned acting and is now actively involved in the Children of the Light Foundation and helps poor children with cancer.

M. Ramsey as C. L. Hooks (1947-2021)

Although she played little in her life, Marion was a successful and talented composer and singer who wrote songs for many artists. Sadly, the commendable woman passed away in 2021 at the age of 73.

L. Easterbrook as Sergeant D. Callahan (now 71)

The character is loved by millions. The talented woman continues to act.

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